About Purdue Infant School

At Purdue Infant School, we invest in the development of our children today to provide them with the foundation for a bright future tomorrow. We know that there is no greater investment in our children than a quality education.

Our vision and mission are focused around providing the best educational opportunities in an ever-changing, challenging and multi-cultural world.


A reference point in child education and character development.


To challenge Infants to a lifetime of learning, working in partnership with families to integrate integrity, positive attitude and self-esteem with academic pursuit.


Our motto is represented by the vowel sounds "A-E-I-O-U" Attitude & Academic Excellence Is Our Ultimate GOAL' (AEIOU)

  • A - Attitude & Academic
  • E - Excellence
  • I - Is
  • O - Our
  • U - Ultimate GOAL

Why Choose Us

Challenge children to a lifetime of learning, working in partnership with families, to integrate integrity, positive attitude and self- esteem with academic pursuit.

Provide an environment where faith as well as educational pursuits are nurtured. We encourage all to come to know God and learn to walk in His ways.

Provide the opportunity for the natural integration of a variety of subjects within while respecting their religious, ethnic, race, etc background.

Be Godly role models for all.

Educate wholistically - intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Provide our infants with a blend of traditional and innovative educational experiences that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Develop positive and caring Infant-Teacher relationships.

Encourage a variety of opportunities for family participation.

Be fair, consistent and respectful of our Infants in all matters of discipline and correction;

Develop moral and ethical work habits in infants that will be reflected in all areas of life.