Our Faculty

Our faculty is committed to developing educational programs that work to preserve and enhance each child’s innate ability and love of learning. We have various professional development opportunities and programmes aimed at promoting excellence in teaching. Our faculties are exposed to various in-house seminars and external training programmes that are related to them. Our curricular development is ongoing and responsive to infant’s needs.

Our standard educational requirement from our faculty is the love for children. This is tested using our experience in childcare through Childminders. The second requirement is the love for teaching and learning while the third is a four-year degrees or NCE in Education or related field with strong grades determined from their transcripts and not just the certificate. Apart from the above we subject them to a general aptitude test to determine their ability to deliver on promise. Our Assistant Teachers possess the same qualification, though, under tutelage from the teachers and the School.

Our staffs are drawn from various disciplines, i.e. from education and child care inclined background. While we place emphasis on standard performance elicited by the teacher.

We never overlook the importance of child care passion. Hence, a deep respect and care for children are the first quality that qualifies you to be a teacher at Purdue Infant School. Our faculty also undergoes training on our character education and curriculum enhancement programme – The 8 Keys of Excellence. The 8 Keys of Excellence are prerequisites for teaching at Purdue Infant School.

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