Our Facilities

Our multi-functional classrooms have a home appeal with furniture that is spacious enough for all kinds of activity. The furniture are designed and painted with colors that will enhance peer interaction and team work between the children. Warm colors, carpeted floors, built in cabinets and ample classroom space encourage independent learning, collaboration and dialogue.

Artwork and project-centered learning materials hang from the wall to stimulate and inspire. Each room has one full side of windows allowing for bright natural light and fresh air. Desks are aligned in a variety of configurations depending on the unit or theme of the class at that time.

A Library as well as a Book Club is located within the school dedicated to children of Purdue Infant School as well as parents. We also have toys and play tools for various ages and situation. To aid children’s learning there are educational materials in electronic and non-electronic format available in all classes. To relieve parents of the trouble of dropping and picking their children, we have school buses to transport children from home to school and back.

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