Our Academic Structure & Curriculum

Purdue Infant School offers a high quality educational service which covers full elementary school programme from Kindergarten and Nursery to Primary (which we refer to as Toddlers, Junior Infants and Senior Infants Classes respectively).

Our education programmes at Purdue Infant School is based on a combination of the Nigerian Primary School and the Quantum Learning System (QLS) curriculum. The Quantum Learning System provides the Foundational Character Education and Curriculum Enhancement Programme. The 8 Keys of Excellence Character Education Programme of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), USA, is a mandatory programme for all our students. We have also enriched it with mandatory leadership as well as extra-curricular activities that we believe will strengthen the value and virtue of the Purdue Infant School model.

Within our Kindergarten section our Toddlers are provided with an opportunity to socialise with their peers in a restricted place that gradually encourage them to detach from their parents for short periods of time initially, increasing to longer periods as they gain in confidence. We provide a home-like, happy and well-structured environment to enable children to become more independent and secure whilst benefiting from play activities and social interactions which they would not normally encounter within the home.

As the children mature both physically and emotionally we assist them to develop pre-school skills at the Junior Infant Classes which provide them with the firm grounding necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the start of their Senior Infant Classes. These two groups together form what is termed the Early Years Foundation Stage where children spend time concentrating on Communication; Language and Literacy; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development; Creative Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Problem Solving, Reasoning; and Numeracy.

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