At Purdue Infant School, we invest in the development of our children today to provide them with the foundation for a bright future tomorrow.


05 Friday November, 2021.

1st Term 2021/2022 Mid-term break 05-11-21 to 10-11-21   46 days remaing to start event

03 Friday December, 2021.

World Physically Challenged 03-12-21 to 03-12-21   74 days remaing to start event


  • We challenge children to a lifetime of learning, working in partnership with families, to integrate integrity, positive attitude and self- esteem with academic pursuit;
  • We provide our infants with a blend of traditional and innovative educational experiences that meet the highest standards of excellence
  • We develop moral and ethical work habits in infants that will be reflected in all areas of life.



Within our Kindergarten section our Toddlers are provided with an opportunity to socialize with their peers... Read More


As the children mature both physically and emotionally we assist them to develop pre-school skills at the Junior Infant Classes...Read More


At the Senior Infant Classes (Primary) there are two stages called Key Stage 1 (Senior Infant 1 and 2 for ages 5-7) and Key Stage 2...Read More

Our Academic Structure & Curriculum

Purdue Infant School offers a high quality educational service which covers full elementary school programme from Kindergarten and Nursery to Primary (which we refer to as Toddlers, Junior Infants and Senior Infants Classes respectively).

Our education programmes at Purdue Infant School is based on a combination of the Nigerian Primary School and the Quantum Learning System (QLS) curriculum. The Quantum Learning System provides the Foundational Character Education and Curriculum Enhancement Programme. The 8 Keys of Excellence Character Education Programme of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), USA, is a mandatory programme for all our students. We have also enriched it with mandatory leadership as well as extra-curricular activities that we believe will strengthen the value and virtue of the Purdue Infant School model.

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Our dedicated Technology Room is spacious enough to accommodate our class population limits. Aside from the well-equipped desktops with Windows operating system installed, we encourage our pupils under our BYOD school policies to come to school with laptops, tablet PCs as well as Kid Tablets preloaded with education and learning apps.

Our school also has a dedicated WiFi, multi-media projector for presentations for large audience within the Technology room as well as the school Hall. The future of our E-learning is to have interactive learning boards in each of the elementary classes with each child possessing a security enabled Kid Tablet PC.